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Top 30 Most Useful Websites for students and govt.job aspirants

By Basant Singhal|Mixed Topics | 17 Jan 2019

Top 30 Most Useful Websites for

students and govt.job aspirants


Hi Friends!

Here I am listing all the websites that I use personally

for my answers when i am stuck and confused. 


These are the most useful and my personal favourite websites for students learners and govt. job aspirants for getting success in exams, gaining knowledge and doing things easily and effectively.




This is my personal favorite website for learning the meaning of a particular word in a very communicative and interesting way. Great online resource for learning.   



This is a great website for learning the meaning of a word through

lots of relevant and simple sentences. 



This website also features in my personal favourite website list.

It teaches you how to retain the meaning of a word by connecting it to a funny story, a name, or any reference point in an extremely funny way. This technique of learning and retaining the meaning

of a word is called Mnemonics and is highly effective for retaining the meaning of words.       



This is a great online resource for leaning a word, its synonyms antonyms, word forms, sentences definition, translation and pronunciation. A great online tool for govt.job aspirant and school students. 



You can find definitions of slangs and informal English words on

this website.   



This website instantly shows the internet speed of your computer.

Also shows the download, upload and browsing speed.



This is the world’s most authentic website to check grammar, spelling and punctuation error in the most effective and comprehensive way.



The best website for learning the meaning of a word, part of speech, US and British pronunciation with example sentences. Most authentic and comprehensive in the presentation.



The Best website for accepting payment online for your digital products.

free and just awesome for anybody who want to start the online business.  



Want to know the difference between the two confusing words, such as ‘especially’ and ‘specially’ and ‘pour’ and ‘pore’?

Visit this website for a crisp, simple and detailed explanation.   

Great for aspirants, learners and govt. job aspirants.



You can download here free awesome images

absolutely free for a variety of purposes.



Another great website for downloading free awesome

images absolutely free for a variety of purposes.



Change any document into a PDF document within seconds.

You can also merge up to 20 files and make it into a bigger file or

an E-book for personal and commercial purposes. 



The website offers a large number of idiomatic expressions, phrase and proverbs not only with their meanings, but also with their origin which is extremely useful for English learner and govt job aspirants.



You can learn words and Idioms here through fun activities.



This website has the legal, medical and financial dictionary in addition to an encyclopedia, idioms, and thesaurus.

Compiled from the Cambridge international dictionary with word meanings and relevant example sentences in the most comprehensive way possible.



You can send an online fax for free here.   



You can learn any foreign language online here.



Directory of the free online course offered by universities

across the world.        



Short term courses on a variety of topics.

Chapters are emailed to you every morning.



You can capture notes during meetings here.



You can download free kindle e books here.



A simple online timer for your day to day work.



Share your computer screen with others and

vice versa over the internet.



Edit any PDF document without acrobat.



This website has a huge collection of idioms organized both

alphabetically and thematically. Highly useful not only for

students but also for teachers.



This is a very good website for learning English for intermediate level.

Various lessons are given and then they are followed by quizzes

to check your understanding.



This is a website of international repute and authenticity for

learning various topics of English grammar in good detail with

easy to understand example sentences



Hindi to English and English to Hindi most comprehensive and useful

website for learning words.



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