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Cloze Test English Tricks for All Banking Exams Part 1

By Basant Singhal|Best Cloze Test Tricks | 14 Feb 2019

Cloze Test English Tricks for All Banking Exams | Part 1 


Hello Aspirants!


Cloze test is a very important topic in all banking and insurance online exams.


It is invariably asked in both Pre and Mains exams of all banking exams such as SBI PO, IBPS PO, CLERK, RRBs, RBIs.


Let's understand that through a cloze test, an examiner wants to check your verbal ability, reading comprehension, grammatical concepts and last but not the least, your logical reasoning all in one go.


Here, I am giving you one important cloze for practice.


You can find all the answers at the end.


Directions – Cloze Test

In the following passage, some of my words have been left out each of which is indicated by a number. find the suitable word/group of words from the options given against each number and fill up the blank with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningful.


The trump administration has said it is confident that “the toughest ever” sanctions against Iran which came into effect will have the___ (1)___ effect to alter the Iranian regime’s behaviour, even as it___ (2)___ a question on whether the US has firm___(3)___ from India and China to stop all oil purchases from Tehran within six months. The sanctions___ (4)___ Iran's banking and energy sector and___ (5)___ penalties for companies and countries in Europe, Asia and elsewhere that do not halt Iranian oil imports. India and China – the two biggest buyers of Iranian crude – have so far appeared to have skipped the punitive American___ (6)___ targeting the Iranian oil and financial sectors. The two Asian giants are believed to be among the eight countries that have been given the rare___ (7)___ from the Iranian sanctions that___ (8)___ off last month. The trump administration said it had asked these countries including Turkey, Iraq, Italy, Japan and South Korea, to___ (9)___ down their oil purchase to zero as soon as possible.US secretary of state Mike Pompeo , during a talk show on Fox news, repeatedly___10___ questions when asked about the commitment from India and China on zero oil purchase from Iran.


1) 1.No    2. Intended     3. Little     4. Stringent    5. Counter

2) 1. Proposed   2. Created   3. Deviated   4. Dodged  5.Made

3) 1. Commitments 2. Reliance 3. Belief  4. Relations   5.Propositions

4) 1. Over   2. Imposed   3. Placed   4. Exempts   5. Cover

5) 1. Confirm   2. Reinstate   3. Contrast    4. Wants    5. Harsh

6) 1. Stand   2. Steps   3. Accepted    4. Sanctions  5. Diplomacy

7) 1. Exemptions       2. Chance       3. Gift       4. Items       5. Objects

8) 1. Pulled       2. Sent       3. Put       4. Kicked       5. Called

9) 1. Note       2. Bring       3. Go       4. Make       5. Let

10) 1. Answered       2. Denied       3. Accepted       4. Wrote       5. Parried


Answers –

1. Intended

2. Dodged

3. Commitments

4. Cover

5. Reinstate

6. Sanctions

7. Exemptions

8. Kicked

9. Bring

10. Parried


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