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The Hindu Booster Article Analysis and Vocabulary Part 1

By Basant Singhal|The Hindu Booster Series | 15 Feb 2019

The Hindu Booster Article Analysis and Vocabulary Part 1

Hello Friends!!

in this article, I have discussed an article

from the Hindu covering all the important

words with their meanings.

you can also watch the full video solution 

in the end.

Wasted efforts - half of India’s waste to energy plants are defunct


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The Hindu Article 1 

Wasted efforts - half of India’s waste to energy

plants are defunct. (not in operation)


Nearly half of India’s waste-to-energy (WTE)

plants, meant to convert non-biodegradable

waste, are defunct.

Further, the country’s inability to segregate (separate) waste has resulted in even the existing plants working below capacity, says an analysis by the Centre for Science and Environment.

Since 1987, 15 WTE plants have been set up across the country. However, seven of these plants have shut down. (Close down permanently)

Apart from Delhi, these include plants at Kanpur, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Vijayawada and Karimnagar.

The key reasons for closure are the plants’ inability to handle mixed solid waste and the high cost of electricity generated by them that renders it unattractive to power companies. 

However, this has not stopped the government from betting big on WTE. The NITI Aayog, as part of the Swachh Bharat Mission, envisages 800 megawatts from WTE plants by 2018-19, which is 10 times the capacity of all the existing WTE plants put together.


The Hindu Article 2

CCTVs will join the fight to curb

lecherous babus 

Around 11.45 on Thursday morning, Justice S.M. Subramaniam of the Madras High Court retired to his chambers for a short break before delivering his order on a batch of cases. A large number of lawyers, intelligence personnel, and journalists waited with bated breath for him to return.

The cases pertained to a sexual harassment complaint filed by a woman Superintendent of Police against an Inspector-General of Police in the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC).

Interestingly, the SP was the chairperson of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) on the day she lodged the complaint.

When the judge returned a few minutes past noon to read out his order, he took everyone by surpriseHe issued a “strong recommendation” to the Chief Secretary of the Tamil Nadu government to install closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras inside the official chambers of all bureaucrats.

This would avoid allegations of sexual harassment and safeguard the interest of women employees, he said.

quoting Mahatma Gandhi, who reportedly said, “an

ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching,”

Justice Subramaniam also issued a directive to the High Court administration to first install a CCTV camera in his own chambers within two weeks.

The judge pointed out that the Police Department was promoting CCTV cameras in public places as well as in

private properties to curb crime.

“This being the preaching of the Police Department to the citizen at large of this great nation, what about the offenders and black sheep in the police offices, chambers and office rooms of the higher officials?

What measures are taken to nab such offenders inside the Police Department and other public offices and institutions?” he wondered.


New head for ICC


As for the case concerning the woman SP, the judge

ordered the reconstituted ICC, now  headed by an

Additional Director-General of Police, to continue the


The Crime Branch-Criminal Investigation Department

was ordered to move ahead with criminal proceedings 

and report back on March 6.


Let's Learn Vocabulary

Nearly -  almost

Defunct -  Obsolete, Invalid, Redundant   

Segregate – Separate, Isolate

Biodegradable – That Can Decompose By Organisms

Lecherous - Lustful, Licentious, Lascivious, Lewd, Salacious, 

Lubricious, Debauched, Dissolute, Wanton, 

Resulted In - Something

Render -  Cause To Be, Make

Envisage – Imagine, Foresee


Waited with bated breath – Impatiently

Retired to his chambers - Rested

Pertained to – Related to 


Lodged the complaint - Register 

A few minutes past noon - A few minutes after noon

Take by surprise - to surprise 

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, who reportedly said,

“an ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching,”

(Usages of Present Participle) -  two actions at the same time (Quoted and Said)    

Citizens at large - in general, as a whole, at liberty

Nab – Catch someone doing something wrong

Measures – Course of actions

Offenders -  Wrongdoer

Nag – Harass


Proceedings – Course of actions

Proceed with – Go ahead with something

Proceeds -  Money obtained from an activity


Shut down – Closed permanently

Quote -  Say or give an example of something

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