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SSC CGL 2017 - Tier 1 5/ 8/ 2017 (SET 2) Evening Shift Solved Paper

By Basant Singhal|SSSC CGL 2017 (Pre) Previous Years’ Solved English Questions | 23 Feb 2019

SSC CGL 2017 - Tier 1  5/  8/  2017 (SET 2)

Evening Shift  Solved Paper



My sister in laws(1)/ who lives in Kolkata(2)/ has come to stay with us(3) No error (4)

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Answer -  A


Write ‘sister in law’ in place of my ‘sister in laws’.

The correct plural form of this compound noun is

 is ‘sisters- in- law’.



These kind of clothes(1)/are rather expensive(2)/ for

me to buy.(3) No error (4)

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Answer – A

Explanation –

Write ‘these kinds of’ in place of ‘these kind of’.

‘Kind’ is a noun which can be singular or plural.

You can either say ‘this kind of’ or say ‘these kinds of’    



The employee did not_____ to the argument of the manager.

A.  Concede

B.  Precede

C.  Recede

D.  Exceed

Answer – C Concede

Concede - means 'admit' or 'agree' that something is true after first denying or resisting it.

'Concede' is followed by the preposition ‘TO’

'Concede' also means 'to surrender' or 'to yield'.



He was sworn____as the Prime Minister of our country.

A.  to

B.  about

C.  in

D.  off

Answer – C


The correct phrasal verb is ‘swear in’

When someone is ‘sworn in’ they make a formal promise to be honest and loyal either in a law court or when they are starting a new official job   



Similar word


A.  Humorous

B.  Quarrelsome

C.  Remorseful

D.  Dullness

Answer – B Quarrelsome

Cantankerous means argumentative or bad tempered

Other important Synonyms

Grumpy, Peevish, Irascible, Splenetic, Surly, Cranky, Truculent

Other important Antonyms

Cheerful, Vivacious, Genial, Affable, Congenial, Placid Complaisant

Remorseful – regretful repentful



Similar Word


A.  Decisive

B.   Uncivilized

C.   Discerning judge

D.  Narrow-minded

Answer – C   Discerning judge



Opposite Word


A.  Delusive               

B.   Futile

C.   Unreal

D.  Productive 

Answer – D Productive

Nugatory – Insignificant, Trivial, Trifling, Petty, Piddling

Futile – Useless, Pointless, Fruitless

Delusive -  Deceptive, Fallacious, Beguiling, Deluding



Opposite Word


A.  Artful

B.  Candid

C.  Credulous

D.  Sincere  

Answer – A Artful

Naïve – Artless, Innocent, Ingenuous, Gullible, Credulous Dupable

Candid – Frank, Straightforward, Downright, Outspoken

Credulous – Gullible, Naïve




Mealy Mouthed

A.  Ill tempered

B.  Soft spoken

C.  Enthusiastic

D. Depressed

Answer -  B

Soft spoken or afraid to speak frankly straight forwardly OR

 Not brave enough to say what you mean directly and honestly

mealy-mouthed excuses , a mealy-mouthed spokesperson.

Digressing and being indirect or evasive.

beat around the bush (idiom) 




By fits and starts

A.  Occasionally

B.  Irregularly

C.  Finally

D.  Totally 

Answer – D Irregularly

To do something in fits and starts means to do something intermittently or sporadically or irregularly



Sentence Improvement

I had (not only helped her by) giving hints but also with providing  him links.

A.  Helped not only to her by

B.  Helped her not only

C.  Not only helped her

D.  No improvement

Answer – B Helped her not only

I had helped her not only by giving hints but also with providing him links.

Not only and but also is correlative conjunction and is always followed by the same part of speech

Not only by_____ but also with



Sentence Improvement

We (have finished) our lunch half an hour ago.

A.  Finished

B.  Will have finished

C.  Had finished

D.  No improvement

Answer – A Finished

The word ‘ago’ is used in past simple tense

So here ‘finished’ (V2) will be used.



One Word Substitution

The act of speaking irreverently about sacred things.

A.  Atheist

B.  Blasphemy

C.  Bellicose

D.  Defection

Answer – B blasphemy

Atheist – one who believes that God does not exist

Bellicose – fond of fighting

Defection – the act of leaving or changing one’s party



One Word Substitution

A person who talks too much of himself.

A.  Egoist

B.  Egotist

C.  Elite

D.  Emetic  

Answer – B Egotist

Egoist – a person who is self-centered

Egotist – a person who talks too much of himself

Elite – The best class (Antonyms - dregs)

Emetic – Causing vomiting  



Incorrectly Spelt Word

A.  Entrepreneur

B.  Remuneration

C.  Apprentice

D.  Soveriegnty  

Answer – D Sovereignty



Change the Voice

Why do you waste money?

A.  Why is money been wasted by you?

B.   Why has money been wasted by you?

C.   Why is money wasted by you?

D.   Why is money being wasted by you?

Answer – C Why is money wasted by you?



Change the Narration

The doctor said, “well, what can I do for you?”

A.  The doctor wanted to know what could he do for her.

B. The doctor wanted to know what he could do for her.

C. The doctor said that he could not do anything for her.

D. The doctor wondered what could he do for her.

Answer - B


Q.18 Para jumble

  1. In other countries which are populated by ‘haves’. Frustration

       is among them also because they do ‘haves’.  

  1. In some countries, frustration exists because these countries

       are populated by ‘have-nots’.

R    Frustration is a global cancer.

  1. It has spared no country.

a. RSQP     b. SQRP     c. PSRQ      d. QRPS

Answer – A RSQP


Q.19 Para jumble

P. The real purpose underlying this maxim lies in its utility in the

        worldly sense.  

Q.  He has within him a spirit which is ever exhorting him to cut down his needs and learn to be happy with what he has.

R    Man is something much greater than an intelligent being using his intellect to make newer inventions from time to time.

S. It tells us to be up and doing not to be passive in out attitu to life.

a. RSQP      b. SQRP      c. RQPS       d. QRPS

Answer -  C  RQPS


Q.21-25 Cloze Test

The world has seen a _____ growth in several spheres. Agricultural production, communication, medicine, education etc have seen _____ growth. We can safely assume that the future is not as ______ as once appeared to be. We are not by a vision of hungry hordes overwhelming world food resources. Although it is ____ that many people, especially in the developing countries, are hungry, illiterate and _____ to diseases.  


Q.21-25 Cloze Test

21.The world has seen a _____ growth in several spheres.

a.   Tremendous          b. mere                   c. hardly            d. slow

Answer – A Tremendous

22.Agricultral production, industrial production, communication, medicine, education

have seen ______ growth.

a.   Equal                    b. unprecedented          c. negligible         d. negative

Answer B Unprecedented

23.We can safely assume that the future is not as ________ as once appeared to be.

a.   Good                       b. strong                          c. bleak              d. high

Answer – C Bleak

24.Although it is ______ that many people , especially in the developing countries,  

a. Unclear                         b. false                              c. incorrect          d. true

Answer – B False

25.Are hungry, illiterate and _____ to diseases.

a. Prone b. averse c. liable d. engross

Answer A Prone

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