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Cloze Test 2 Practice Questions for Bank PO/Clerk/SSC

By Basant Singhal|Best Cloze Test Tricks | 05 Jun 2019


Cloze Test Practice Questions With Answers And Explanations 


Hello Aspirants !!


Cloze test is a very important part of the English section of all the Banking Insurance and SSC exams because it is asked not only in Pre exams but also in Mains exams of almost all the govt job exam.

In this post I have shared a sample cloze test for practice for all Banking insurance and SSC exams.

Try to solve it on your own and then check your answers with the correct answers

Cloze Test


_____1_____late there is an unusual enthusiasm in creating a research culture in many  Institutions of higher learning in India. This is_____2_____ due to the growing awareness that educational institutions must focus on research if they want to be on_____3____.  Added to this awareness are the strict directions from MHRD and UGC to strengthen the research output in the deemed to be universities. Many reputed institutions have embarked on programs like research linked incentives. Recently a top notch University has introduced a performance measurement system in which research will be given as  much weightage  as teaching in the annual_____4_____ of its faculty. Most IIMs in India have recognized the importance of research and want their faculty to______5______ as much time to research as they do to teaching.


Research should be at the core and must be_____6_____ in generating a major interface with the academic and business world. It must provide a new theoretical frameworkthat_____7_____reassessment and refinement of current practices and thinking. Research is used to establish or______8______facts reaffirms the results of previous work, solve new or existing problems, support theorems or_____9_____ new theorems. It empowers the faculty for an in-depth approach in teaching. it has the _____10_____to enhance the consultancy capabilities of the researcher.


1.    1. Since  2. Now  3. By  4. At  5. Of


2.    1.Flatly   2. Mainly  3. Compulsory  4. Absolutely   5. Primary


3.    1.Toes   2. Ahead  3. Front  4. Top   5. Guard 


4.    1.Appraisals   2. Apprise  3. Pays  4. Functions   5. Records  


5.    1.Limit   2. Establish  3. Dedicate  4. Donate   5. Allow   


6.    1.instrumental   2. Caused  3. Contributed  4. Capable   5. Done    


7.    1. Possess   2. Create   3. Exist  4. Enables   5. takes     


8.    1. Deactivate    2. Confirm   3. Place  4. Design   5. Deviate      


9.    1. Develop    2. Enlarge   3. Built  4. Fluctuate   5. Revolve       


10.    1. Dream    2. Limitation   3. Encouragement  4. Courage   5. Potential       



1. Of,   ‘of late’ means recently

2. Mainly

3. Top

4. ‘Appraisals’  means assessment

5. Dedicate ‘ devote’ can also be used here but noy given in the option

6. ‘Instrumental’  means  influential or contributory

7. Enables

8. Confirm

9. Develop

10. Potential