Class 10 Geography Natural Vegetation MCQ

Class 10 Geography Natural Vegetation MCQ

1. These forests are found in areas where annual rainfall is more than 200 cm.
A. Tidal forests
B. Tropical Deciduous Forests
C. Tropical Evergreen Forests
D. Mountain Forests
Ans: C

2. The forests that have xerophytic vegetation.
A. Rain forests
B. Mangrove forests
C. Deciduous forests.
D. Tropical Desert forests.
Ans: D

3. These forests are found in wet and marshy areas.
A. Evergreen forests
B. Littoral forests
C. Deciduous forests
D. Montane forests.
Ans: B

4. A tree used for making aromatic substances and oil.
A. Rosewood
B. Babool
C. Sandalwood
D. Sundari
Ans: C

5. Deodar, cedar and jamun trees grow in
A. Desert vegetation
B. Evergreen vegetation
C. Deciduous vegetation
D. Mountain vegetation
Ans: D

6. Tree used for treating diabetes, ulcers and allergies
A. Ber
B. Neem
C. Babool
D. Arjun
Ans: B

7. Leaves of this tree is used for rearing shellac worms.
A. Palas
B. Deodar
C. Ber
D. Teak
Ans: A

8. The trees in these forests shed their leaves from six to eight weeks
A. Evergreen
B. Tidal
C. Deciduous
D. Mountain
Ans: C

9. Afforestation means
A. Reestablishing a forest by planting trees
B. Planting trees on lands which are not previously covered with forest vegetation
C. Practice of growing trees
D. Clearing of forests by humans.
Ans: B

10. Agro forestry helps
A. To check soil erosion
B. To maintain ecological imbalance
C. To reduce pressure on natural forests
D. All of the above.

11. Forest cover has declined due to
A. Agro forestry
B. Deforestation
C. Reforestation
D. Afforestation
Ans: B

12. Blue pine and spruce are found at an altitude of
A. 1000m to 2000m
B. 2250m to 3000m
C. 1500m to 1750m
D. 1000m to 1500m
Ans: B

13. Type of vegetation found in Andaman and Nicobar islands
A. Deciduous
B. Montane
C. Tidal
D. Evergreen
Ans: D

14. Trees that provide hard and durable timber for construction purposes and boat making
A. Deodar
B. Sal
C. Sundari
D. Ebony
Ans: C

15. An example of Xerophytic vegetation
A. Babool and acacia
B. Amaltas
C. Cinchona
D. Mulberry
Ans: A.

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