Important MCQs for Class 10 Geography Chapter Water Resources ICSE

Important MCQs for Class 10 Geography Chapter Water Resources ICSE

1. Most popular means of irrigation is

a) Wells

b) Tanks

c) Canals

d) Drip irrigation.
Ans: Wells.


2-Artificial supply of water to the crops is termed as
A. Water supply.
B. Irrigation.
C. Cultivation.
D. Crop production.
Ans: B.


3-Most expensive mode of irrigation is,
A. Well.
B. Sprinkle.
C. Drip.
D. Tank
Ans: B.


4-Tank irrigation is popular in
A. Thar.
B. The Telangana Plateau.
C. North Indian Plains.
D. Western Ghats.
Ans: B.


5-This mode of irrigation is the most efficient mode of irrigation.
A. Well.
B. Sprinkle.
C. Drip.
D. Tank.
Ans: C

6-The need for water conservation has increased due to,
A. Increased population.
B. Greater cultivation.
C. Water pollution.
D. All the above.
And D.


7-Well irrigation is most prominent in
A. Punjab, Haryana, UP, Bihar.
B. Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu.
C. Rajasthan, Gujarat. MP and Orissa.
Meghalaya, Sikkim, Nagaland and Jammu Kashmir.
Ans: A.


8-Tank irrigation is very prominent in
A. Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
B. Bihar and Maharashtra.
C. Rajasthan and Jharkhand.
D. Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.
Ans: A.

9-A traditional method of johad for water conservation is practiced in,
A. Tamil Nadu.
B. Gujarat.
C: Rajasthan.
D. Maharashtra.
Ans: C.

10- This state has made it mandatory for every building to harvest water.
A. Tamil Nadu.
b. Haryana.
C. Meghalaya.
D. Bihar.
Ans: A.

11-Rainwater harvesting is carried out with the aim of:
A. To meet the increasing demand of water.
B. To reduce surface runoff and increase the ground water.
C. To improve the quality of water.
D. All the above.
Ans D.

12-Canal construction needs,
A. Perennial river.
B. Flat land.
C. Soft soil.
D. All the above.
Ans: D.

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