Improtant MCQ on Climate

Improtant MCQ on Climate

1. The climate of india is greatly influenced by the latitude

a) Tropic of cancer
b) Equator
c) arctic circle
d) Tropic of capricorn


2 ___Coast in India gets maximum rainfall during winter.

a) Eastern Coast.
b) Western Coast
c) Malabar Coast
d) Konkan Coast


3. Name a state that the first to experience the onset of the Monsoon.

a) Kerala
b) Tamilnadu
c) Karnataka
d) Maharashtra


4.The season which extends from October to November

a) The season of retreating South West monsoon
b) The cold season
c) The rainy season
d) The Hot dry season.


5. During Summer solstice ,the Sun directly overheard

a) The Tropic of Capricorn
b) The Tropic of Cancer
c) The Equator
d) The Arctic Circle.


6.The local wind of West Bengal

a) Loo
b) Mango shower
c) Kali Baisakhi.
d) Monsoon wind


7. The hot dusty dry winds which blow in the Northern plains during May and June

a) Loo
b) Mango Shower
c) Kali Baisakhi
d) Monsoon


8.The wind which is important for mango, tea and coffee plants in South India.

a) Loojn
b) Kali Baisakhi
c) South West Monsoon
d) Mango shower


9.The South West Monsoons breaks first on__ coast

a) Coromandal Coast
b) Northern Coast
c) Konkan Coast
d) Malabar Coast


10. Thar desert receive less rainfall due to

a) Aravalli Mountain
b) Western Ghats
c) Eastern Ghats
d) Kasi hills


11.The wind which is responsible for the winter rainfall in Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh

a) Retreating Monsoon
b) South West Monsoon
c) Summer Monsoon
d) South West Monsoon Arabian Sea Branch


12.The hills responsible for heavy rainfall in Mawsynram

a) Aravalli
b) Vindhyas
c) Western Ghats
d) Garo, Kasi, Jayantia


13.The Sultry and oppressive weather during the withdrawal of Monsoon is termed as

a) October heat
b) Tropical depression
c) Temperate Cyclone
d) Western disturbance


14. Which is the coldest place in India

a) Dras valley in Kashmir
b) Kochin in Kerala
c) Bengalure in Karnataka
d) Mawsynram


15.The mountain range which protect India from the cold wind from Siberia

a) Aravalli
b) Himalayas
c) Western and Eastern Ghats
d) Vindhyas



  1. a) Tropic of Cancer
  2. b) Western Coast
  3. a) Kerala
  4. a) The season of retreating South West monsoon
  5. b) The Tropic of Cancer
  6. a) Loo
  7. a) Loo
  8. d) Mango shower
  9. d) Malabar Coast
  10. a) Aravalli Mountain
  11. a) Retreating Monsoon
  12. d) Garo, Kasi, Jayantia hills
  13. a) October heat
  14. a) Dras valley in Kashmir
  15. b) Himalayas

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