MCQ on Mineral Resource, Conventional and Non-Conventional Sources of Energy

MCQ on Mineral Resource, Conventional and Non-Conventional Sources of Energy


1. This is a metallic mineral.

a) Mica
b) Copper
c) Graphite
d) Limestone

Ans: b) Copper


2. ___ is known as ‘Block Ore’

a) Haematite
b) Bromine
c) Magnetite
d) Limonite

Ans: c) Magnetite


3. ___ is used to make steel.

a) Copper
b) Bauxite
c) Bronze
d) Iron ore

Ans: d) Iron ore


4. __ iron is used in metallurgy.

a) Black iron
b) Red iron
c) Yellow iron
d) Brown iron

Ans: a) Black iron


5. This state has large reserves of magnetite and haematite.

a) Goa
b) Jharkhand
c) Rajasthan
d) Karnataka

Ans: b) Jharkhand


6. It is a black hard and iron-like metal.

a) Bauxite
b) Copper
c) Manganese
d) Alloy

Ans: c) Manganese


7. This metal is a good conductor of electricity.

a) Gold
b) Copper
c) Silver
d) Graphite

Ans: b) Copper


8. It is used in building construction for roofing and plumbing.

a) Copper
b) Manganese
c) Limestone
d) Iron ore

Ans: a) Copper


9. This is an inorganic non-metallic mineral.

a) Graphite
b) Mica
c) Limestone
d) All of these

Ans: c) Limestone


10. India has a rich variety of minerals due to its

a) Landforms
b) Latitudinal extent
c) Geological structure
d) None of the above.

Ans: c) Geological structure


11. It forms the backbone of modern civilization and the foundation of our basic industry.

a) Copper
b) Gold
c) Chromite
d) Iron ore

Ans: d) Iron ore


12. It supplies iron for domestic use as well as for export.

a) Odisha
b) Goa
c) Tamil Nadu
d) Maharashtra

Ans: a) Odisha


13. It is an important raw material for smelting of iron ore and also used for manufacturing ferro alloys.

a) Mica
b) Gold
c) Manganese
d) Silver

Ans: c) Manganese


14. It saves fossil fuels like coal and petroleum used to produce electricity.

a) Solar energy
b) Wind Energy
c) Nuclear Energy
d) Biogas

Ans: a) Solar energy


15. It is also known as ‘Liquid Gold’.

a) Bitumen
b) Petroleum
c) Tar
d) Petrol

Ans: b) Petroleum


16. In nature this mineral occurs in the native form and in three principal combination.

a) Gold
b) Petroleum
c) Copper
d) Iron ore

Ans: a) Gold


17. This coal burns for a long time and leaves very little ash behind.

a) Anthracite
b) Bituminous
c) Lignite
d) Peat

Ans: a) Anthracite


18. ___ is formed due to the accumulation of plant matter in swampy areas or broad deltas, coastal plains.

a) Coal
b) Natural gas
c) Petroleum
d) Hydel energy

Ans: a) Coal

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