MCQ on Waste management Class 10

MCQ on Waste management Class 10


1. Which of the following is true for segregation?

a)It is the burning of waste.

b)It is mixing of biodegradable and recyclable waste.

c)It is the second step in waste disposal.

d)It is the separation of biodegradable and recyclable waste


2. Which of the following waste disposal methods produce polluting gases?






3. Landfills are commonly used for the disposal of __.

a) toxic waste

b) liquid waste

c) gaseous waste

d) solid waste


4. ________ are later converted into parks or other places of public use.

a) Compost

b) Manure

c) Landfills

d) Collection points


5. Many sugar mills use __, the left over after juice is extracted, from sugar cane, to produce electricity.a

a) manure

b) micro organism

c) leachate

d) bagasse


6. Which of the following is the odd one?

a) Incineration

b) Composting

c) Segregation

d) Leaching

Explanation: In this context segregation says about separation of substances. While others dealing with changing the substance from one form to another.


7. In villages, animal excreta and farm waste are used to produce __.

a) waste

b) polluting gas

c) gobar gas

d) leachate


8. Which of the following waste is not used to generate fuel gases?

a) Municipal solid waste

b) Animal excreta

c) Farm waste

d) Plastic and metal

Explanation: Farm waste, municipal solid waste and animal excreta can be used to generate fuel gas but plastic and metal can be used as there are non-biodegradable substances and should be recycled.


9. __________ present in the soil, act on the waste and convert it into compost.

a) Leachate

b) Nutrients

c) Bacteria

d) Minerals


10. ________ is mostly done by a ragpicker.

a) Recycling

b) Composting

c) Incineration

d) Segregation


11. Separating waste into biodegradable and recyclable is called __.

a) segregation

b) recycling

c) composting

d) incinerating


12. In producing fuel gas ______ act on waste.

a) leeches

b) micro organisms

c) earthworms

d) birds


13. Converting plant and animal waste including that from kitchen, into manure, is called __.

a) incineration

b) recycling

c) segregation

d) composting


14. Layers of waste are buried in huge pits with a layer of soil in between. This is done in __.

a) segregation

b) incineration

c) recycling

d) composting


15. The method of preparing compost for the plant with the help of earthworms is called __.

a) vermicomposting

b) green manuring

c) segregation

d) recycling


16. Which of the following is the best method of waste disposal?

a) Landfill method

b) Throwing waste in open pit

c) Incineration

d) Composting


17. The best way of disposal of dried leaves is __.

a) composting

b) landfill method

c) incineration

d) segregation


18. _______ is the seepage of dissolved substances from decomposing garbage into the soil.

a) Segregation

b) Incineration

c) Leaching

d) Composting


19. ______ is a fuel made by the decomposition of organic waste.

a) Compost

b) Leachate

c) Manure

d) Biogas


20. To ______ waste means to burn it.

a) compost

b) segregate

c) incinerate

d) recycle

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