MCQs on Mineral Resources and Mineral Based Industry

Mineral Resources and Mineral Based Industry MCQs

Topic: Mineral Resources

1. In which century coal energy became the heart of the Industrial revolution

a) 16th

b) 17th

c) 18th

d) 19th

Ans. 17th century


2.______ has the largest reserves of coal
a) Jharkhand

b) Madhya Pradesh

c) West Bangal

d) Andhra Pradesh

Ans. Jharkhand


3. Which is the largest on shore oil field in western India?

a) maran

b) khambhat basin

c) godavari basin

Ans. Khambhat

4. Which refinery is the world’s largest private sector crude oil refinery ?

a) Jamnagar

b) Baroda

c) haldia

Ans.. Jamnagar

5.In which year Bhakra Nangal project was detected to the nation.

a) 1960

b) 1963

c) 1973



6. Hirakud Dam is built in which river

a) Mahanadi

b) Krishna

c) Godavari

Ans. Mahanadi

7. ____ is one of the largest river of India

a) Krishna

b) Kaveri

c) Mahanadi



8. in which year the first wind farms in India were installed in coastal region

a) 1980

b) 1983

c) 1986



9. Which is the best quality of iron ore

a) Magnetite

b) Hematite

c) Limonite

Ans. Magnetite


10. Name the largest coal fields in India

a) Madhya Pradesh

b) West Bagal

c) Jharia

Ans. Jharia


Mineral Based Industry

11. Why do many Steel plant not cause pollution.

a) because they run on coal power

b) because they run on electricity

c) because it run on wind power

d) all of these

12. Many small iron and Steel plants have closed on due to

a) Inadequate supply of power

b) Inadequate supply of coal

c) Inadequate supply of raw material.

d) All of the above


3. The largest mineral based industries is.

a) Cotton textile industry

b) electronics industry

c) iron and steel industry

d) jute industry



4. Rourkela Steel plant receives limestone from

a) Baradwar

b) Biramitrapur

c) Jharia

d) Korba


5. Which of the following problems can be removed through rapid industrialisation

a) poverty

b) Unemployment

c) Both a and b

d) Neither a nor b


6. In which year the Rourkela Steel plant was established.

a) 1969

b) 1959

c) 1960

d) 1975


7. A piece of pure material usually metal that is cast into shape suitable for further processing

a) Pig iron

b) Ingots

c) Galvanized sheets

d) None of these


8. First modern steel industry in India was set up in

a) 1875

b) 1870

c) 1907

d) 1925

9. The first pectrochemical established at trombay by Union Carbide India Ltd.

a) Kamotee

b) Koyali

c) Kanpur

d) None of the these.

10. Fastest growing industry in India is

a) heavy industry

b) electronic industry

c) consumer industry

d) none of these


11. India’s first master satellite was

a) Aryabhatta

b) Bhaskar

c) Rohini



12. Which of the following cities are known for ion implements for agriculture.

a) Ajmer

b) Srinagar

c) Pinjore

d) All of these

13. Petrochemical Corporation Ltd is located in

a) Vadodara

b) West Bengal

c) Panipat

d) Mumbai


14. Is an exporter of

a) Display technologies

b) Telecom equipments

c) Entertainment electronics

d) All of these


15. Which of the following is a software park.

a) Mohali

b) Hyderabad

c) Chennai

d) Kerala

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