Minerals and Energy Resources and Mineral based Industries MCQ

Minerals and Energy Resources and Mineral based Industries MCQ

1. _______Industry is the key or basic industry.
A. Textile
B. Iron and Steel
C. Electronic

2. The largest centre of electronics goods production and rightly termed as the Electronic Capital of India is…..
A Jaipur
B kanpur
C Bengaluru

3. TISCO is located in this state.
A Chhattisgarh
B Odisha
C Jharkhand
D Andhra Pradesh

4.The first shore based integrated steel plant in our country.
A Bhilai Steel plant
B Rourkela steel plant
C Vishakhapatnam steel plant
D Bokaro Steel plant

5. The basic component to produce all petrochemicals is…
A Coal
B Crude oil
C Manganese
D Dolomite

6. The Hindustan Steel Ltd. plant at Rourkela gets hydroelectric power from this project
A Damodar valley project
B Hirakund power project
C Korba thermal power station

7. This is the best quality of iron ore.
A Magnetite
B Haematite
C Limonite
D Siderite

8…… has emerged as the leading producer of iron ore in our country.
A Goa
B Jharkhand
C Odisha
D Maharashtra

9. Hydrocarbons formed from the remains of dead plants and animals are….
A Non-metallic minerals
B Fossil fuels
C Chemicals
D Nuclear materials

10. ……….being malleable and ductile is used for making wires.
A Aluminium
B Copper
C Manganese
D Mica

11. This increases the strength of steel and makes it rust proof.
A Lead
B Zinc
C Copper
D Manganese

12. Bhakhra Nangal project is built across river …….
A Mahanadi
B Sutlej
C Narmada
D Krishna

13. The largest ……. power plant of India is located at Madhopur near Bhuj.
A Wind
B Solar
C Hydel
D Biogas

14. This is an ideal fuel for domestic use because it burns without smoke causing no pollution.
A Natural gas
B Coal
C Biogas
D Firewood

15. The carrier rock if coal is ….
A Igneous
B Metamorphic
C Sedimentary

16. …. energy is obtained from Uranium and Thorium.
A Geothermal
B Nuclear
C Wind
D Solar

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